Things To Consider As An Expat Seeking International School For Your Children

One of the big decisions you will make as an expat in a new country is the choice of school your child will attend when you are settled in a new environment. One of the key factors that will influence that decision is ensuring that your children are offered the best possible educational infrastructure while residing abroad. Singapore is considered one of the best destinations for expatriates looking to enroll their children into world class international schools.

So here are a few points to bear in mind while in search of options with regards to international schools for your children:

Research on the School Curriculum

When you are looking to ease your children into the new learning environment they will be entering, it is best if you have the right information about the curriculum offerred and make sure that it aligns perfectly with the previous curricular details of your country of origin. This is to ensure familiarity and reduce any form of shock that might be as a result of their new environment. The International Baccalaureate (IB) program is one that is widely used in most international schools in Singapore. GESS Singapore International School is one such school that offers a strong IB program to its students. Be sure to look out for this and programs such as Advanced Placement (AP) or Cambridge IGCSE that offers diplomas widely accepted by universities worldwide.

Overall Costs

Most international schools are more expensive in comparison to their local contemporaries, and this is because classes in international schools tend to be smaller in size although this too can vary with time – as opposed to local ones. This should be factored in, in addition to the economy of the nation, the cost of living and all other deciding factors associated with costs. If the price is not a problem, go for the best of the best (you’ll find some of the finest international schools in the world located in Singapore) and give your children the sort of life you want them to live.

Size of Classes

You should consider the fact that international schools have smaller class sizes and as a result, the student to teachers’ ratio is perfectly balanced and the students will, so to speak, have more attention from their teachers. So is your child one-of-a-kind that requires undivided attention for learning? If yes, international schools will be the best option for your child to learn and not feel frustrated by probably being left alone by teachers as might be the case in local schools or schools with larger class sizes.

Cultural and Geographical Settings

Always ask yourself the question: “Will my child be able to adapt to the cultural settings of this school quickly?”. You want to be able to help you and your family sink their feet in very quickly into the new environment, so make sure you find out the various international schools available and pick the one that suits your values and that of your children the most. Remember, you want them to feel at home while learning not to feel as if they are amidst a bunch of students/children or instructors that they cannot relate to.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Learning shouldn’t only be constrained within the four walls of a classroom alone. Find out how the international school extends learning beyond the classroom. What are those programmes designed by the school to expand and broaden the mind of their students? Does the school embrace technology? Is there any limit to how students handle mobile devices in school? Are programs encouraging art, cultural exhibitions, practical life skills, and entrepreneurship mindset?

Singapore an Educational Hub

All in all, the educational ecosystem in Singapore is a thriving hub and one that is widely referred to and respected worldwide for its academic excellence. Take your time, do your homework and be assured that you are in a nation that highly regards education. Your children are in safe hands.