How to choose a preschool that is worth your money


A child is a gem for every parent, with their cute smile and sunshine-in-the-sky disposition, even when they being sunny at the wrong place and at the wrong time. They have that something that makes their parents say I would do anything for you. Those 5 magic words didn’t just cross certain parents, it happened to almost all of us, it’s a vow that keeps us motivated to work harder, to provide more for them. So, when and where will you start to give them the best?

Well, if you haven’t yet, you can always start by enrolling them in a good preschool, one that can assist in improving your kid’s mental, physical, and social skills. Make sure the preschool your kid will attend does have enrichment classes especially for kids under the age of 7. The development of a child starts early and fast, they need every help they can get to stimulate their brain cells and motor skills. The article by Livinio Stuyck from tells you the why enrichment classes are essentials for pre-schoolers.

Importance of Preschool Programs and Enrichment Classes

Usually, children are never too young for enrichment opportunities. Even research shows that the younger a child is exposed to learning and discovery, the more they’re set for success in later years. If you’ll wait until your child goes to kindergarten to indulge them in learning environment, you’ve lost the valuable time to optimize your child’s development.

In fact, researches show that enrichment experiences in the early years not only make a great difference, but are actually considered as crucial as the brain is developing rapidly. No matter what, enrolling children in preschool programs and enriching extracurricular classes will ensure healthy development of your child through social, emotional, physical and cognitive growth.

Both preschool programs and enrichment classes offer a different learning environment than what kids see and experience at home. These programs allow them become explorers and discoverers from the very young age. The classes won’t push children, instead provide an environment rich with interaction tools for what comes natural to them. Read more here

Other than enrichment classes, a good preschool should cover a healthy meal for the kids and allow them to play freely under adult supervision. Many misunderstood and underestimate the term ‘playing outside’ for kids, you don’t have to. In this technology age, we allow our kids to use gadgets in everyday life, which didn’t help their physical attributes. Then, the obesity problem occurs. This can be avoided by making sure the kids have their own play time outside the house, with other kids. Here is an article by the author of which talks about the advantage of play.


Many parents of children enrolled in preschool think that playing and learning don’t go hand in hand. But, for young children, the opposite couldn’t be truer. Research is now showing that play constitutes a large part of how young children learn. By embracing your child’s natural tendency to play, learning can actually be improved.


So how does play help your child learn? In short, it helps them reach their full potential. Play psychologist Dr. Jeffery Goldstein has studied play for over 40 years. His recent study found that play helps to develop neural pathways in the brain. It helps children exercise their muscles, as well as their imaginations.

 Play has emotional and social benefits. It helps children to find joy and self-esteem not based on others. It helps them to learn to be more flexible and adaptable in changing situations. Social play teaches them emotional intelligence. It can improve non-verbal skills and attention spans.

Play also has physical benefits for children. It helps them grow and develop their muscles. It also helps with coordination, agility, and other motor skills. Play has the power to decrease stress and anxiety while increasing positive emotions, thereby strengthening the cardiovascular and immune systems. In short, it makes them feel happy and healthy. Read more here

To help you choose which school you want to send your kid to, here are lists of great preschool written by These schools offer enrichment classes to assist in the development of your child.


40 enrichment classes in Singapore for babies, pre-schoolers and schoolkids

  1. 1. Heguru infant & Toddler Class
    Where:Heguru Method
    What:Tapping on learning methods that optimise brain development, Heguru Method cultivates early learning through a fun, nurturing environment, with particular focus on creative and critical thinking. Best of all, the centre’s certified senior instructors are also veteran teachers familiar with the local school syllabus —allowing them to prepare little ones (from the age of six months onwards) for school in years to come.
  2. Musical Monkeys For Babies
    Where:Musical Monkeys
    What:Develop a closer bond with your little ones as they learn simple exercises such as bouncing, wiggles and tickles through musical stimulation. This is because these movements to music trigger the release of oxytocin, the same “bonding” hormone that is produced during nursing. Another advantage of the course? You get to build your parent support network with other parents attending the programme too.
  3. Mum & Baby Pilates
    Where:Inspire Mum & Baby
    What:New mums will appreciate how this course restores core and upper body strength—which is especially important for allowing you to carry baby without hurting your back. This class also helps speed up healing and recovery from delivery, while reducing stress and the possibility of post-natal blues. Have fun exercising with your little one as baby enjoys lots of playtime, music and songs!

Read more here for a full list of enrichment classes 

Last but not least, in order to choose the right enrichment classes for their kids parents need to first know their kids’s interest. They need to start taking notice of which interests their kids more whether it is music, art, outdoor, sport, or entertainment. From there, they would then be able to make the right decision for their child.