How music and dance make the learning process of your pre-schooler easier

If you discuss the matter of admitting your kid into a kindergarten like My Little Campus with your friends, some of them may veto it. They may say that courting a pre-school with the assumption that it will benefit your kid is not worth your efforts. But on the contrary, the opinion of experts is diametrically opposite to what your friends may say. These experts firmly say that a pre-school can be of immense use to a kid of that age because the teaching process in it makes it easy for the child to easily imbibe the lessons taught.

A good pre-school effectively uses music and dance to make the learning process of kids easier. Let us now see how this approach helps.

1. Findings of several surveys have revealed that music and dance are accelerators of brain development. Especially, the language and reading skills of children will vastly improve if music and dance are appropriately incorporated in the teaching process of a pre-school. Not only that, if kids in a pre-school are taught to play a musical instrument, the mathematical learning abilities of the kids will also improve significantly.

2. Music and dance can trigger and hasten the process of making kids school-ready. Since there is a synergy between the mind and the body of the kids when they sing and dance, even those kids who lack in motor skills will benefit immensely. Songs and dancing will help children learn new words and hence, they will be able to communicate in a better manner. Most importantly, since the kids will find it easy to remember the lines of the songs or the dance movements, their memory power will also improve to a considerable extent.

3. When the teaching process becomes fun thanks to the music and dance elements in it, children will start enjoying the learning sessions. In fact, they will look forward to attending these sessions with all eagerness. This change in attitude will help them not only in their pre-schooling and kindergarten stages but throughout their life. They will hate to miss chances of learning new things.

4. Kids of pre-schooling age will not have any inhibitions and hence, they may willingly sing or dance whenever they are asked to. This means that they will develop a love for music and dance very soon. This will improve their creative skills because such kids are always eager to improvise their skills or display them in a better manner.

5. Researchers have proved that music and dance create more number of neural pathways in the brain. Since the teaching process in a pre-school consists of activities like music and dance, the kids who join the schools will have better brain development than those children who are not lucky to get the benefit of such pre-schooling.

6. Some of the top pre-schools make it a point to add visual experience to the music and dance elements of their teaching process. This will add more fun to the learning process of the children which means kids will be more eager to learn.

7. Children who are admitted to a pre-school that has incorporated music and dance elements into their teaching process will have improved skills for controlling their bodies. In other words, they will be able to move fast when fast tracks are played. Of course, they can decelerate their movements when slow music is played. Since they have to keenly listen to know the speed at which music is played, their concentration will also improve to a significant extent. This will help them in their studies.

To put it in a nutshell, if you admit your kid in a pre-school that has incorporated music and dance into their teaching process, you can rest assured that your kid will learn faster and more effectively.