How do you know whether your child needs speech therapy?

Children develop speech over a period of time and you cannot expect your child to develop very good speech skills over a short span of time. There are some children who speak very late, as young as 3 years and there are some children who can form perfect sentences at 2 years of age. Speech is an ongoing process and it takes time for children to develop good speech. However there are some ways through which you can sense that your child needs therapy in order to develop his speech and in this article you will learn about the various pointers which indicate that the child needs therapy to improve his speech.
Always look for a lisp when your child starts talking
It is a given that your child will mispronounce particular words and will not be able to say certain complicated words at all, this does not mean that your child needs therapy. But if you notice that the child has a lisp which is very apparent when he speaks and it is very evident in all the words that he speaks, it is best that you take him through therapy. A lisp can be corrected if the child is dealt with at very initial phases and the doctor gives him the required therapy to get over it.
If you see your child stammer while talking, he definitely needs therapy
A stammer is an indicator of a psychological problem and it can be dealt with well if the parents waste no time in identifying the problem and taking the child to a speech therapist. A stammer can be very embarrassing for a child and an adult and needs to be dealt with, with a lot of sensitivity and patience.
When you see that your child is not talking while his peers are past that stage, you need to consult a therapist
Some children do not talk till they are 3 years old, while their peers are all well past that stage. Till about 3 years of age it’s ok to not be able to talk that well. But after that parents need to take some action to help the child talk and express himself. By three the child should be able to talk a few words at least, but if he is not, then it’s time that the parents consult a speech therapist.
The child is unable to pronounce words correctly even after rectifying several times
A simple word such as a cow may see difficult for a one year old, but if you notice that your two year old is unable to speak it correctly even after repeated attempts, you need to consult a doctor and get some help for a child. She probably needs a little bit of professional help but you need to give it to her so that she is able to talk and express herself properly and move on to the next stage of development.
The child also needs therapy if he is unable to assimilate information
A child is intelligent enough to observe and assimilate information and convey it to people. But I you see that she is unable to do that and finding it difficult to convey and comprehend, you need to get some help for her. Therapy will only strengthen her communication and speech skills and there is no harm in getting some help for your child if you see her struggling in any sphere related to speech and communication.
Thus these are the various pointers to know that your child needs speech therapy. Look out for best therapy centres that provide speech therapy for children in Singapore.