Things To Consider As An Expat Seeking International School For Your Children

One of the big decisions you will make as an expat in a new country is the choice of school your child will attend when you are settled in a new environment. One of the key factors that will influence that decision is ensuring that your children are offered the best possible educational infrastructure while residing abroad. Singapore is considered one of the best destinations for expatriates looking to enroll their children into world class international schools.

So here are a few points to bear in mind while in search of options with regards to international schools for your children:

Research on the School Curriculum

When you are looking to ease your children into the new learning environment they will be entering, it is best if you have the right information about the curriculum offerred and make sure that it aligns perfectly with the previous curricular details of your country of origin. This is to ensure familiarity and reduce any form of shock that might be as a result of their new environment. The International Baccalaureate (IB) program is one that is widely used in most international schools in Singapore. GESS Singapore International School is one such school that offers a strong IB program to its students. Be sure to look out for this and programs such as Advanced Placement (AP) or Cambridge IGCSE that offers diplomas widely accepted by universities worldwide.

Overall Costs

Most international schools are more expensive in comparison to their local contemporaries, and this is because classes in international schools tend to be smaller in size although this too can vary with time – as opposed to local ones. This should be factored in, in addition to the economy of the nation, the cost of living and all other deciding factors associated with costs. If the price is not a problem, go for the best of the best (you’ll find some of the finest international schools in the world located in Singapore) and give your children the sort of life you want them to live.

Size of Classes

You should consider the fact that international schools have smaller class sizes and as a result, the student to teachers’ ratio is perfectly balanced and the students will, so to speak, have more attention from their teachers. So is your child one-of-a-kind that requires undivided attention for learning? If yes, international schools will be the best option for your child to learn and not feel frustrated by probably being left alone by teachers as might be the case in local schools or schools with larger class sizes.

Cultural and Geographical Settings

Always ask yourself the question: “Will my child be able to adapt to the cultural settings of this school quickly?”. You want to be able to help you and your family sink their feet in very quickly into the new environment, so make sure you find out the various international schools available and pick the one that suits your values and that of your children the most. Remember, you want them to feel at home while learning not to feel as if they are amidst a bunch of students/children or instructors that they cannot relate to.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Learning shouldn’t only be constrained within the four walls of a classroom alone. Find out how the international school extends learning beyond the classroom. What are those programmes designed by the school to expand and broaden the mind of their students? Does the school embrace technology? Is there any limit to how students handle mobile devices in school? Are programs encouraging art, cultural exhibitions, practical life skills, and entrepreneurship mindset?

Singapore an Educational Hub

All in all, the educational ecosystem in Singapore is a thriving hub and one that is widely referred to and respected worldwide for its academic excellence. Take your time, do your homework and be assured that you are in a nation that highly regards education. Your children are in safe hands.

A complete guide to choosing an international school in Singapore

Choosing a school for your child is by no means an easy task. And this is because there are so many of them. If you live in Singapore, you are going to be met with the challenge of choosing between an international school and a public school. Choosing an international school is a preferred option especially if you recently moved to Singapore from another country. While most international schools in Singapore are great, not all of them may not be suitable for your child. To make a wise decision, you are going to need some help.

The following article by Joanne Poh is a how-to guide when choosing an international school in Singapore.

International Schools In Singapore 2018 – Guide To Fees And Costs For The Best Expat Schools

So you’re moving to Singapore with the kids in tow. If you’ve decided to enrol your kids in an international school rather than a local one, you might still be overwhelmed by the options. Read more here.

After reading her guide, you likely now know how to go about in choosing a international school in Singapore. To ensure that you select a good one, it is wise you pick among the best. Bear in mind that the best international schools in Singapore have very expensive fees. Do well to learn about how much they cost before making a final decision especially if you are on a budget.


The following article by Imoney sheds light on some of the top international schools in Singapore and how much they cost.

Top International Schools In Singapore & How Much They Cost [Updated]

One of the many things that keep parents up at night is the education of their children. Parents who are relocating to a foreign country may find the search for a good school to be a daunting affair. Read more here.

Now you are aware of the top international schools in Singapore and how much they cost. As a parent, it is your responsibility to provide the best for your child. So, if your budget allows, enroll your kid into a school that will be able to cater to his needs and help him grow to new and greater heights.


Faris Mokhtar’s article is a guide on choosing low cost international schools in Singapore that won’t break the bank.

No-frills international schools a hit with budget-conscious expats

SINGAPORE — When her German husband was posted here about one-and-a-half years ago, his remuneration package did not cover education costs — as expat packages used to — which meant they had to keep an eye on the budget. Read more here.

It is not impossible to find low-cost international schools in Singapore and similarly, many struggle in making this decision for their children. So if you are on a budget, you should consider enrolling your child into any of these schools. Remember that you do not need to spend a small fortune on your child’s education especially if you are on a budget.

Final note

Granted, there are many international schools in Singapore with very high standards, top-notch teaching equipment, and excellent learning environments. However, before enrolling your child into any of them, it is important that you do adequate research to learn about their tuition, curriculum, values and what is important to you for your child’s education.

Doing this will ease your search and help you to narrow down to a few good international schools in Singapore that are suitable for your growing child.

You can get all the help you need to choose a good international school in Singapore through reputable sites and reviews left by parents who understand and have been in the same shoes that you are in now.



Compelling reasons why many parents are enrolling their children into GESS international school in Singapore

One of the best ways to give your child a head start in life is by enrolling him into a good school. Presently, there are many different schools in Singapore. While many of them are great and have positive reviews, not all boast high standards and may not be able to cater to the needs of your child. Therefore, before choosing a school for your child, it is important that you do some research to see if it has a good reputation, if it provides multi-lingual education and if it can effectively handle your child’s needs.

The following article by Lindene Cleary unveils one of the best schools in Singapore that offers muliti-lingual education from Preschool to Secondary levels.

Best international schools: German European School Singapore (GESS) provides multi-lingual education from Preschool to Secondary

If you’re looking for an international school that opens up your kids’ options in Europe (among other lovely places!), pop 22 November in your diary – German European School Singapore will ‘wilkommen’ you to experience a day in the life of a multi-lingual GESS student! Read more here.

You certainly now know why GESS international school singapore is one of the best schools in the country. One clear reason as to why parents prefer it over others is because they have a special language enrichment program that groom children into fluent English and German speakers. So, if you want your child to become a proficient English and foreign language speaker, then you should enroll him into GESS. If you know little or nothing about GESS, you are likely going to be curious and want to learn as much as you can about it before considering enrollment for your child.


This article by Tracy Tristram sheds light on everything you need to know about GESS international school.

German European School Singapore

German European School Singapore (GESS, German: Deutsche Europäische Schule Singapur) is an international, multi-lingual, co-educational school in Singapore. GESS is a not-for-profit school providing education to 1,600 students from more than 60 nationalities. Read more here.

Being aware of GESS’s early history, their curriculum, and how they have become one of the best schools in Singapore, helps give you a clearer picture of why they are reputable. Over the years, GESS has helped countless kids reach their full potential. If you agree with their pedagogy and values, then you should consider enrolling your child into GESS international school.


The  article below by Sassy Mama makes known some of the positive things one parent had to say about GESS international school.

 Integration is on a very high level: German European School Singapore

When we came to Singapore 10 years ago the school had just added the IB Programme and this made our decision easy. The school was very nurturing and the various teachers at that time took good care to help my son adjust to the new environment… No effort is spared to accommodate new students and parents with information sessions, welcome events and buddy matches. Later on in Secondary, the school looks for professionals to share their career paths with interested DP students, the list is ongoing and long.  Read more here.

There are various reasons why this one parent enrolled her child into GESS, how GESS helped her child adapt, grow and perform better. Generally, children are very curious and always want to learn new things. But not all children learn at the same rate. While some are fast learners and can grasp things quickly, others need to put in extra effort to understand simple concepts and require guidance like such that GESS provides. Regardless of your child’s performance, you’ll need to keep in mind that to help him reach his potential and perform his best, your choice of school is of utmost importance.


Final note

As a parent, it is surely a challenge to choose a school that will be able to cater to the unique needs of your child. Opting for any school or the one located closest to your home may not be a wise or informed decision as the school may not be able to cater to your child’s needs. It is therefore prudent to do extensive research. Also, you must carefully examine the curriculum of the school. One important thing you should look out for is their language enrichment programme.

To ensure that your child performs well, it is wise to enroll him in a school that provides multi-lingual education. Presently, GESS international school is one of the top-rated schools in Singapore that will help your child become a better English and German speaker. So, don’t hesitate, take action right now and enroll your child into GESS international school. You won’t regret it.

Benefits associated with learning a new language

Basically, we use language to air our views and express our thoughts. A lot of people today are only able to speak one language. Only a handful of people can speak a couple of languages. The truth is that there are benefits associated with learning a new language. You probably are wondering these benefits are and how you can use them get an edge in your life and your business.

If you are keen to pick up a new language at an established school, Berlitz Language School provides a wide range of courses for you. They are a long established brand, and if you are serious about picking up a new language you can check them out here.

The following article by the businessinsider discusses five unexpected benefits you are going to enjoy when you learn another language.

5 unexpected benefits of learning a new language

When traveling to a country with a language that’s not native to your tongue, translation apps are helpful, but only to a certain extent. They enable you to decipher a menu, but not necessarily to spark up a conversation with your server and to connect with the locals in the area you are visiting.

Learning to speak a second language can be challenging, for sure, but that’s because you’re training your brain to do something much more complex than memorizing new words and their proper pronunciations. You’re expanding your thought capability, in more ways than one. Read more here

Learning a new language can help you connect with new people and improve the chances of you getting a job. New studies have shown that learning a new language is a great way to improve your cognitive abilities. But do you think that learning a new language can improve your overall health?

The following article by Iwillteachyoulanguage will shed more light on some health benefits associated with learning a new language.

9 surprising health benefits of learning a foreign language

You may probably be wondering how learning a foreign language could improve your overall health. How would you like a bigger brain? Or a better memory?

Of course, you may already know that learning a new language can give you an edge in life and business. But there is a growing body of evidence that show that the health benefits of learning a new language is enormous. Read more here.

Singapore is a very wonderful place where 4 major languages are spoken.  The following article by expat living give a clearer picture of the 2 common languages spoken in Singapore and how you can choose between these two.

Learning a language in Singapore- Spanish or Mandarin?

It’s widely agreed that if you speak English, Spanish and Mandarin you can navigate the world easily. Whether it’s because they’re the world’s top three spoken languages, or the geographic spread of their native speakers, it’s these three that are currently capturing worldwide attention. Read more here.

Final note

Learning a new language is not only going to improve your outreach, connections and travel experience but will also improve the quality of your health. If you live in a place like Singapore where a couple of languages are spoken you are likely going to find a hard time choosing the language you are going to learn, but if you think deeply about it, you will be able to make a decision that will benefit you in the future.

What Can We Do To Improve a Child’s Concentration?

One of the most common characteristic of the children of today’s generation is their short span of attention or their lack of concentration. This means that they only have their full attention or concentration to one thing for just a short period of time because they tend to immediately shift to another one. This characteristic makes them hard to teach in school and at home and it makes them even hard to take care of. But have you ever wondered why they act this way? And have you ever tried to fix this problem? Experts have given several reasons why this happen and provide some insights to improving our children’s concentration not just at school but at home as well.

Sally Weale, through her article, will tell us why children’s struggle to concentrate at school is due to lack of sleep.

Children struggling to concentrate at school due to lack of sleep, MPs told

Sleep deprivation is a growing problem in schools, with pupils struggling to concentrate in lessons due to lack of sleep, MPs have been told. Edward Timpson, minister for children and families, highlighted the issue while being questioned by MPs who are investigating the role of education in preventing mental health problems in children and young people. Lack of sleep has been linked to children’s use of mobile phones and tablets late into the night, MPs sitting on the joint inquiry by the Commons health and education committees were told at Wednesday’s hearing. Timpson said: “A big issue in schools now is around sleep deprivation. Children are not getting enough sleep and that causes problems concentrating.” Doctors have previously reported a dramatic increase in children with sleep disorders; NHS data shows hospital attendances in England for under-14s have risen from almost 3,000 in 2005-06 to more than 8,000 in 2015-16.MPs also raised concerns about the impact of social media on children’s mental health, with reports of widespread cyber bullying, and parents’ inability to protect their children.  Read more here.

Lack of sleep for children really causes to them to lose concentration especially in school. Bottom-line, it is the parents’ responsibility to monitor their child’s sleeping time. They should make sure that their child gets enough sleep because when they do, their entire day would be a lot better because their body has had enough rest which will make them active in school. There are also other ways in which we could improve children’s concentration and pone is through yoga and mindfulness. To tell us more about this, let us read Menaka Bharathi’s article below.

How to Improve Concentration in Children with Yoga and Mindfulness

With the rise of technology, children are distracted more than they were a decade ago. Their concentration level is at the lowest level than ever thought of. Thus, for children to grow into healthy adults, they need to learn to be mindful not only in schools but also for the rest of their life. I have explained about the need of mindfulness for children and the advantages of practicing mindfulness. This awareness will reduce a lot many problems we see in children today. To bring about mindfulness, you need to have a healthy body and fit mind. This is where Yoga pitches in. Yoga is one such powerful tool that supports children to be more focused and balanced. Read more here.

Isn’t it nice to see your child actually doing yoga? That would totally look cute. It is true that a fit mind and body and can improve the way of thinking and of course the concentration of a person.

On the other hand, let us look into the situation of children in the Philippines, specifically in Marawi, who have recently been under the rage of war. What happened actually brought trauma to the entire city causing children to fear and the tragic event tremendously affected the children’s education. However, people have found ways to bring back the children’s concentration in school through art. Portia Ladrido will tell us how this happened. Let us read her article below.

How Art Helped Marawi Children Concentrate in School

 “For these [Maranao] kids, it’s so hard for them to verbalize things sometimes, and [art] helps to be able to provide this new avenue for them to be able to do that,” says Melissa Yeung-Yap, an artist and social entrepreneur who helped conduct art workshops for children affected by the Marawi conflict. Photo by KENNETH ABALLA

Manila (CNN Philippines Life) — The conflict in Marawi has reduced the city to rubble. Though it has been liberated, its aftermath — homes and livelihood built for years destroyed beyond recognition — may be the most challenging image that the Maranaos will have to come to terms with.

Classes in 12 public schools have resumed in Marawi on the first week of September, but their usual routine has taken a pause. “[The students] were just drawing because they’re not yet ready for formal school. They’re too distracted with everything that happened to them. It’s only drawing that gets them focused,” says Melissa Yeung-Yap, an artist and social entrepreneur who headed art workshops for children in Marawi. Read more here.

Helping improve our children’s concentration would really be a big help especially for their schooling. As parents, we have to make sure that our children have a focused attention because they need it especially in learning. There are some factors which affect their concentration, so as much as possible, we should avoid it. For factors such as war which we cannot actually avoid by ourselves, we should work hand in hand to help our children regain their concentration.


How to choose a preschool that is worth your money


A child is a gem for every parent, with their cute smile and sunshine-in-the-sky disposition, even when they being sunny at the wrong place and at the wrong time. They have that something that makes their parents say I would do anything for you. Those 5 magic words didn’t just cross certain parents, it happened to almost all of us, it’s a vow that keeps us motivated to work harder, to provide more for them. So, when and where will you start to give them the best?

Well, if you haven’t yet, you can always start by enrolling them in a good preschool, one that can assist in improving your kid’s mental, physical, and social skills. Make sure the preschool your kid will attend does have enrichment classes especially for kids under the age of 7. The development of a child starts early and fast, they need every help they can get to stimulate their brain cells and motor skills. The article by Livinio Stuyck from tells you the why enrichment classes are essentials for pre-schoolers.

Importance of Preschool Programs and Enrichment Classes

Usually, children are never too young for enrichment opportunities. Even research shows that the younger a child is exposed to learning and discovery, the more they’re set for success in later years. If you’ll wait until your child goes to kindergarten to indulge them in learning environment, you’ve lost the valuable time to optimize your child’s development.

In fact, researches show that enrichment experiences in the early years not only make a great difference, but are actually considered as crucial as the brain is developing rapidly. No matter what, enrolling children in preschool programs and enriching extracurricular classes will ensure healthy development of your child through social, emotional, physical and cognitive growth.

Both preschool programs and enrichment classes offer a different learning environment than what kids see and experience at home. These programs allow them become explorers and discoverers from the very young age. The classes won’t push children, instead provide an environment rich with interaction tools for what comes natural to them. Read more here

Other than enrichment classes, a good preschool should cover a healthy meal for the kids and allow them to play freely under adult supervision. Many misunderstood and underestimate the term ‘playing outside’ for kids, you don’t have to. In this technology age, we allow our kids to use gadgets in everyday life, which didn’t help their physical attributes. Then, the obesity problem occurs. This can be avoided by making sure the kids have their own play time outside the house, with other kids. Here is an article by the author of which talks about the advantage of play.


Many parents of children enrolled in preschool think that playing and learning don’t go hand in hand. But, for young children, the opposite couldn’t be truer. Research is now showing that play constitutes a large part of how young children learn. By embracing your child’s natural tendency to play, learning can actually be improved.


So how does play help your child learn? In short, it helps them reach their full potential. Play psychologist Dr. Jeffery Goldstein has studied play for over 40 years. His recent study found that play helps to develop neural pathways in the brain. It helps children exercise their muscles, as well as their imaginations.

 Play has emotional and social benefits. It helps children to find joy and self-esteem not based on others. It helps them to learn to be more flexible and adaptable in changing situations. Social play teaches them emotional intelligence. It can improve non-verbal skills and attention spans.

Play also has physical benefits for children. It helps them grow and develop their muscles. It also helps with coordination, agility, and other motor skills. Play has the power to decrease stress and anxiety while increasing positive emotions, thereby strengthening the cardiovascular and immune systems. In short, it makes them feel happy and healthy. Read more here

To help you choose which school you want to send your kid to, here are lists of great preschool written by These schools offer enrichment classes to assist in the development of your child.


40 enrichment classes in Singapore for babies, pre-schoolers and schoolkids

  1. 1. Heguru infant & Toddler Class
    Where:Heguru Method
    What:Tapping on learning methods that optimise brain development, Heguru Method cultivates early learning through a fun, nurturing environment, with particular focus on creative and critical thinking. Best of all, the centre’s certified senior instructors are also veteran teachers familiar with the local school syllabus —allowing them to prepare little ones (from the age of six months onwards) for school in years to come.
  2. Musical Monkeys For Babies
    Where:Musical Monkeys
    What:Develop a closer bond with your little ones as they learn simple exercises such as bouncing, wiggles and tickles through musical stimulation. This is because these movements to music trigger the release of oxytocin, the same “bonding” hormone that is produced during nursing. Another advantage of the course? You get to build your parent support network with other parents attending the programme too.
  3. Mum & Baby Pilates
    Where:Inspire Mum & Baby
    What:New mums will appreciate how this course restores core and upper body strength—which is especially important for allowing you to carry baby without hurting your back. This class also helps speed up healing and recovery from delivery, while reducing stress and the possibility of post-natal blues. Have fun exercising with your little one as baby enjoys lots of playtime, music and songs!

Read more here for a full list of enrichment classes 

Last but not least, in order to choose the right enrichment classes for their kids parents need to first know their kids’s interest. They need to start taking notice of which interests their kids more whether it is music, art, outdoor, sport, or entertainment. From there, they would then be able to make the right decision for their child.


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